Time-Lapse of the day

Curtis Cam #1

This camera looks to the northwest from the Curtis Property.
Hit "refresh" if the video is more than an hour old.

If the video does not play in your browser - or to see other recent videos, click on one of the links below:

Today -Time-lapse of what's happened thusfar.
Yesterday - Yesterday's movie
The Day before - The day before yesterday's movie.

There are also the "Passing of the Seasons" movies:

The Noon Movie - A video of pictures taken at 12:00PM (MST) every day
The Sunset Movie - Another video, with pictures taken just before sunset.

For more about the "Passing of the Seasons" movies, click here.

The movie should open in your browser.  If it does not, click on a link or right-click to save it to your computer and use a media program to view it.

You may have to hit "refresh" to see the newest video - but remember that this is updated ONLY during the daytime and only at 10 minutes past the hour!

In some cases better playback results are obtained by saving and viewing it with a program such as "Media Player."


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